SECTION 1 – Introduction

1.1   Letter of Introduction

1.2   Policy Administration

1.1      Letter of Introduction

The employer is comprised of a group of sister hotel properties owned and operated in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. We are a hospitality company with a commitment to deliver exceptional customer care by fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, guests, suppliers, brand, and management teams.

Our objective is to build a strong team committed to succeed in the hospitality industry. Together we will strive to constantly improve, enabling everyone to meet their own personal and professional goals, and ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our guests and stakeholders. To achieve this, we have set standards and policies for the company’s operations which provide direction to all employees.

We are fortunate to share a unique environment with a dedicated, highly skilled workforce that has a proven foundation built on mutual respect and appreciation. Every employee brings unique skills to help achieve our common goals thus enabling a focus on continuously achieving quality standards to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations.

The keys to our ongoing growth, competitive advantage, and future success are:

  • Being innovative. Continuously striving for new and more efficient methods and processes within our facilities;
  • Continuously searching for new ways to improve our properties, facilities and services by supporting and encouraging our coworkers to excel in their careers and by reinvesting in our infrastructure.
  • A commitment to ensuring the work we do, and that of our fellow employees, is performed safely;
  • Developing and implementing initiatives to ensure we are working to preserve the environment;
  • Reviewing and enhancing our internal and external business partnerships to strive for greater productivity.

Through this policy and procedure manual we hope to have captured the essential processes and disciplines required to achieve our objectives for continued improvement and customer satisfaction.


Scott McPhail


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1.2      Policy Administration


Policies and procedures in this manual have an organization-wide application to provide a basis for consistent and appropriate decision-making, and provide guidance for staff on many issues. This policy manual will help ensure that staff accomplish their objectives, maintain accountability, and clarify how we conduct business operations.


The policies and procedures in this manual apply to all employees of the organization.

Unionized employees shall adhere to their current Collective Agreement for policies governing employment with the employer. Where the Collective Agreement is silent on an issue bargaining members shall refer to the contents of this policy manual. In situations where the directions of these policies cover issues also in the Collective Agreement, the Collective Agreement will be the final authority.


Employees are required to familiarize themselves with the policies and procedures and to conduct themselves accordingly. Management has the responsibility to communicate the application of policies and procedures, to ensure compliance and to take corrective action when necessary.

All policies contained in this manual will be:

  • Presented in a common format,
  • Formally approved by management,
  • Distributed to all relevant parties in a timely manner,
  • Accessible to all employees, and
  • Kept current.

To ensure all policies are drafted, approved and implemented appropriately, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Draft policies and procedures are created and reviewed by management of the hotel that deems the policy necessary for development.
  2. The policy will be checked to ensure the format is consistent with the format of other policies and is consistent with the overall theme of the organization’s operations.
  3. The draft will be sent to head office for review. If the policy is accepted it will be distributed to the other hotels for comment.
  4. Head office is responsible for the final approval of all policies and procedures.
  5. All hotels will be provided with the new or updated policy. They will also receive a new policy sign off sheet or policy amendment sign off sheet for each department. The sign off sheet must be signed by all employees to acknowledge their understanding and compliance with the new or revised policy. The completed sign off sheet will be kept with the master copy of the hotel’s policy and procedures manual.
Relevant Documents

New or Revised Policy Request Form

New or Revised Policy Sign Off Form

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